Tired, puffy aching eyes Fixed on the light in the darkened skies Some faint, some dim, some brighter than bright But all sparkling treasures filling the night Daintily lit patterns,  it’s rather surreal All laid out before me I don’t know how to feel That being said, it’s not fully true They make me feel … More STARGAZING


That one cloud, like a tainted feather Some find it gloomy, but I love this weather So great and dramatic, yet delicate too I follow the cloud, it reminds me of you Its edges so perfect, pure without sin So drastically different to the blackness within I’m not saying you’re bad, not that it matters … More THAT CLOUD


28/02/16 NOTHING HAPPENED I’m so relieved, I guess I’ll never know whether it was me or not, I’m just glad it didn’t happen again! – But if it was me..How do I not remember?..And does that mean I could do something in the middle of the night and not remember any of it? I don’t … More GHOSTIES CONT.


27/02/16 Hi! This is my first post – one small step for..something. I can’t remember the quote, how utterly annoying. As this is the first of hopefully many posts, if you haven’t already, you might like to check out my ‘About’ page where I explain a little bit about myself (clue’s in the name!). So, … More GHOSTIES