Hi, I’m Anastasia – although I prefer ‘Stasia’ pronounced like ‘Stayzee’ (because nothing’s ever simple.)

I’m seventeen years old and studying psychology, sociology, philosophy and ethics as well as general studies for my A-levels at sixth form which surprisingly I have found I actually enjoy. As a part of sixth form I’ve also taken creative writing lessons for what my school calls ‘enrichment’. What a word – talking of words, I love them a lot and I know that at times I can waffle on by using fifty for what may have only needed five.

I struggle with sleep a lot, I struggle with life too hahaha, jokes and poems are my coping mechanism and so far it has been ridiculously helpful for me to give a sort of order to my thoughts, anything creative I think can be surprisingly beneficial.

I also really like “bad weather”, it’s so exhilarating and I love to watch clouds and stars, in other words I adore the sky. The way that you’ll never see the same cloud again yet the stars have a fixed place (I know the planets move etc but you know what I mean I hope.) I love the magic of the sky, day and night, as I fail miserably to understand the science behind it all.

My goal is to become more honest with myself because it is so easy to alter your own version of reality that you can forget where you started and I am frequently guilty of falling into my own traps, which is exactly what I plan to conquer.

This blog is quite simply my opinion of observations that I have or will make, I may also include some poems, stories and completely irrelevant babble so I’ll apologise in advance hahaha.
Mainly poems at the minute, they seem to be an easier way for me to share things 🙂

Feel free to get in touch :





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