Are you struggling and finding it hard?
Sit down, shut up.
Close to opening up, letting down your guard?
Sit down, shut up.
A cry for help, is that what this is?
Sit down, shut up.
Heartbroken and always in tears?
Sit down, shut up.
Needing to vent and share how you feel?
Sit down, shut up.
Any reassurance to know that it’s real?
Sit down, shut up.
Looking to friends because you need them right now?
Sit down, shut up.
Want to feel better but just don’t know how?
Sit down, shut up.
Sit down, shut up,
Tell yourself often enough and you start to give up.

Asking for help and reaching out can be one of the hardest, bravest things that anyone has to do and it’s so important. Isolating yourself is NEVER going to help and I think that it’s vital that people are aware, for the benefit of themselves and those who may need support around them. It’s okay to not be okay but it’s not okay to suffer on your own.


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