You can talk about it right now,

Start to say it out loud,

You don’t have to hide,

I know it’s messy inside,

Let people in and let people help,

Don’t need to keep it all to yourself,

And I’m telling you that it’s okay to cry,

When I ask how you are, I don’t want you to lie,

This is hard and you struggle a lot,

You say you’re alright but I know that you’re not,

I want to be a good friend and help if I can,

We can do this together, come up with a plan,

I’m here if you need, here if you don’t,

I’ll do what I can to keep you afloat,

You’re not a burden, it’s what friends are for,

Just know that you’re not on your own anymore,

I can’t pretend to know exactly how you feel,

But in part, I can relate, and I know that it’s real,

I’m there all the time, you know I don’t sleep,

I promised to help, it’s a promise I’ll keep.



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