Calm and at peace,

Lost in the trees,

Hugged by an array of colourful leaves,

The dirt and the mud making me clean,


For someone who can feel so very dead inside,

When I look back at the field, I feel alive,

And I run, run further from home,

It’s empty and quiet but I’m not alone,

I’m here with my thoughts and the dreams in my head,

I forget that I hurt and I forget what they said,


Whilst I’m out I stare at the sky,

Focus on breathing and the clouds that pass by,

I could stay here forever,  it makes me feel safe,

This comforting, earthy and beautiful place,


To be away from the people, away from the buzz,

Makes me feel okay, one of the few things that does,

Just out of the house, out in the green,

Where I can be me, real and unseen.


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