Oh my word, I am so tired

Not buzzing or happy or wired

My eyes feel weak – an odd thing to say

But I promise it’s completely true anyway

Stare at the ceiling, stare at the wall

I don’t know why I can’t sleep anymore

Thinking of nothing, thinking of sleep

I dare one more person to suggest counting sheep

I’m not cold or too hot, I would say it’s just right

Still I’m unable to sleep sound through the night

Tossing and turning, my alarm has been set

And when it goes off I’ve still not slept yet

40 winks is what I want, or simply a nap

I envy my dog fast asleep on my lap

It’s time to get up, get ready, go out

When in all honesty I just want to stay in the house

Back in my room where the battle for sleep went on

I wish I could find my way to the land of nod

To sleep so deeply and wake up feeling calm

Rather than panic with the sound of the alarm




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