Hi! This is my first post – one small step for..something. I can’t remember the quote, how utterly annoying. As this is the first of hopefully many posts, if you haven’t already, you might like to check out my ‘About’ page where I explain a little bit about myself (clue’s in the name!).

So, I had a bit of an odd experience this morning and I haven’t managed to get my head around it, hence I’m blaming it on ghosts, as one does when no explanation can be found of course…

~ A bit of background info ~

My bedroom is a converted loft and so I have windows that have vents that you can open without having to open the whole window, to open the window there’s a bar that runs across the top. Pull the bar once and the vent opens, pull it twice and you open the window, although I’ve found I have to yank mine open and it creates quite a racket!

~ Casper visits ~

I fell asleep sometime after midnight, with all of the three windows in my room thoroughly CLOSED, I’m absolutely sure of it because I remember being cold and so I had glanced to check them before I got up to turn my light off – It’s the other side of my room which means I’ve got used to an obstacle course through the bombsite that is my room to get to my bed. Yes I have a floordrobe #shameless.

I’m not a great sleeper, I fidget and wake up frequently (oh the joys – got to love routinely waking up at 4am) and I tend to remember doing so! Which is why when I woke up with the window that is directly above me WIDE OPEN I was freaked out. I know it wasn’t my mum or sister whom I live with because I asked them and I would have heard them because as I said it’s noisey – extra so at the moment as I’ve attached spare coat hangers to the bar and they clang terribly when the window is being opened.


My mum tried to convince me that I could have done it in my sleep but I’m not having any of it. From my bed I would have had to get out from under the covers, kneel to reach it and pull it down, it would have been noisy! I was also cold before I fell asleep so why on earth would I open my window?


– and now I have to sleep there again, I’m not scared… not scared at all…

I’m sure I’ll be fine 🙂 *insert nervous laughter here* – It must be a friendly non aggressive ghost I think though, because if it can open a window silently it must be able to do worse, and it didn’t so that’s a good sign, right?



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