I don’t like the word “innocent”. The word implies naivety, I find that quite offencive. A young child/baby perhaps, or someone who is not guilty obviously. But not me, don’t call me innocent. It’s the same as being called stupid in today’s terms. Which is a shame for the word itself as it has a negative connotation, it’s actually … More A LOSS OF INNOCENCE


Are you struggling and finding it hard? Sit down, shut up. Close to opening up, letting down your guard? Sit down, shut up. A cry for help, is that what this is? Sit down, shut up. Heartbroken and always in tears? Sit down, shut up. Needing to vent and share how you feel? Sit down, … More SIT DOWN, SHUT UP


Are you awake? Because I’m awake. You’re full of heartache, You made my heart break. Late nights that I spent trying to help, But it won’t work unless you help yourself. Self destruction and a pity party for one, I kept trying to be there but you were already gone. And now we’re left here. … More THAT WAS A MISTAKE


Calm and at peace, Lost in the trees, Hugged by an array of colourful leaves, The dirt and the mud making me clean, ~ For someone who can feel so very dead inside, When I look back at the field, I feel alive, And I run, run further from home, It’s empty and quiet but … More RUN AWAY


You can talk about it right now, Start to say it out loud, You don’t have to hide, I know it’s messy inside, Let people in and let people help, Don’t need to keep it all to yourself, And I’m telling you that it’s okay to cry, When I ask how you are, I don’t … More YOU SHOULD KNOW


Oh my word, I am so tired Not buzzing or happy or wired My eyes feel weak – an odd thing to say But I promise it’s completely true anyway Stare at the ceiling, stare at the wall I don’t know why I can’t sleep anymore Thinking of nothing, thinking of sleep I dare one … More SLEEP